Blazer Wood Fuel Pellets


Our wood pellets are a highly efficient source of energy, made from 100% recycled wood and biomass residue.

Making pellets is like cooking - most can do it, but only a few are good at it. Just like ingredients and baking time in a recipe, there are a number of factors that affect the quality of pellets. Thanks to our years of experience, our pellets consistently deliver enjoyable, predictable comfort bag after bag, year after year.

The ending result is a highly efficient source of energy.

  • The raw wood is acquired in the "green" (wet) state and dried to the proper moisture content.
  • Precise control of the drying process assures the volatile components will be retained to radiate maximum heat from the burning pellets.
  • BLAZER® pellets are regularly tested by independent laboratories to ensure that our pellets are premium quality.
  • Pellet producers across the country are using a large variety of wood species for the manufacturing of pellets. Each possesses its own characteristics that affect the ultimate heating value.
  • Forest Energy Oregon has incorporated the finest species available in the Pacific Northwest, Douglas Fir, to produce our high quality premium fuel pellet.


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