Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: W.F. Young

New from Bigeloil – a “no-mess” poultice that makes this tried-and-true method of leg care quick and easy. Unique quilted pockets contain the poultice so no residue is left on the legs, making application and removal easier and cleaner than traditional poultices.

  • Manufacturer: St. Gabriel Organics

100% Food grade Diatomaceous Earth. Naturally occurring fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. Mined in the United States. Recommended by veterinarians. Used for moisture control and anticaking in large animal feed, pet food, and birdseed.

  • Manufacturer: Land O' Lakes Inc.

Premium formula for calves, foals, goat kids & lambs, piglets, llama & alpaca crias, fawns and elk calves. Provides complete and balanced nutrition for 8 species.

  • Manufacturer: Innovacyn

For use as an aid in cleaning the umbilical, navel, and udder of animals Topical application to clean wounds, cuts, abrasions, sores and skin irritations Non-toxic, safe if licked or ingested. 16 oz.

  • Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

Dextrose for energy for use in times of stress. Safe and effective for multiple species.