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100% all natural firestarter with no chemicals or additives - nontoxic. Simple-to-use, replaces lighter fluid, charcoal, newspapers, and kindling. Ignites with a single match and kindles a roaring blaze in minutes. Use 2-3 sticks to start a fire. Use in fireplaces, barbecues, chiminea, campfires, wood stoves, pellet stoves, and outdoor fireplaces. Indefinite shelf life.

  • Model Number: 4152501001

StarterLogg®, America’s #1 brand in firestarters, is the fast, no-fuss way to start a real wood fire. No need for newspaper or kindling—enjoy all the crackling goodness you love with the simple strike of a match. StarterLogg® Qwicklite formulation is effective in starting fires quicker in a smaller and more portable starter. Made of a special combination of high-grade wax and pure pine sawdust.

  • Model Number: 801G3

Refined to eliminate objectionable odor and soot. Mild strength and slow evaporation rate make it a safer fuel for camp stoves, space heaters, and oil burning lamps. Clean burning K1 grade.

Cracking logs, dancing flames, and an aromatic ambiance; just in time to accompany spirited conversations with your guests. Bundles are convenient, dry and seasoned.

100% Douglas Fir. Nestled in the heart of Oregon’s high desert mountains, Pacific Pellet offers you a premium wood pellet that is sure to provide you with an unsurpassed renewable source of heat, compliments of Mother Nature. Pacific Pellet fuel burns hot and burns clean.